Men of Arms is a Veteran owned gun and gear supplier. Certified Cerakote applicator, Certified Gunsmith, we also provide engraving, embroidery, graphics, and a slew of other original projects. You can contact us at or call: (517) 997-6177

If you see a design we posted that can be found in our redbubble store HERE or if you are looking for a specific item you can use our search bar or check out the categories on our homepage. We also encourage everyone to look through our Gun Rights eBook to help you answer questions and give a defense. HERE

We are also on numerous social media platforms (some more than others) each Social media outlet we try to address in a different way so people aren’t being overloaded with the exact same content… or if you don’t like some of our more opinionated views you can not follow one and go to the other. Give you examples below:

  • Facebook: @moawearemoa
    • Facebook is much more focused on us in general and a few memes, its basically a business page…. I’d say it is rated PG.
      • Note: we do have more FB pages but they are mainly used as business accounts for our numerous IG pages.
  • Twitter: @moa_wearemoa
    • This is somewhat of a catch all, most of our posts are scheduled, so not a lot of engagement, generally this page is PG-13.
  • Pinterest: Men of Arms @moa_wearemoa
    • We put a ton of links and images in here about firearms under the “armory” sections. One reason is so you have a gallery of images if you want us to customize your firearm. Also under “Homesteading” we have a lot of prepping articles and off the grid advice.
  • Instagram: (This is where it gets complicated)
    • @moa_wearemoa
      • This is our main page which we had to rebuild after being taken down at 31,000 followers. We have recently begun to scale back this page to make it a little more softcore and focus on firearms… liberty style posts still leak in.
    • @moa_wearemoa2
      • Quote page, I say it is our backup page but it is completely different content and is focused on quotes… Almost PG but I think a cuss word has been part of a quote.
    • @moa_wearemoa_dank
      • Strictly inappropriate memes, humor that no one should laugh at rating around NC-17, it would be higher if IG would allow. If what I just said doesn’t appeal to you then don’t click on it.
    • @moa_wearemoa_ancap
      • These are mainly posts in regards to Libertarianism, Anarcho-Capitalism, memes against Statist, etc… Probably our least popular in regards to people who share these views. I’d rate this one R, this is also our only private page. A good rule of thumb for this page is if you don’t embrace the ideals of Anarcho-Capitalism, you will hate this page.
  • Tumblr, Minds, Vevo, Reddit… maybe others (Tinder?)… are usually @moa_wearemoa, we obviously do not focus on these ones but if you are on them… feel free to follow.

*Note: If you don’t like something we said on social media, please feel free to unfollow without telling us, we are well aware of what we said. However if you do have a question or issue with a purchase please tell us, we will do everything we can to help.

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