Men of Arms is a Veteran owned gun and gear supplier. Certified Cerakote applicator, Certified Gunsmith, we also provide engraving, embroidery, graphics, and a slew of other original projects. You can contact us at or call: (517) 997-6177

If you see a design we posted that can be found in our redbubble store HERE or if you are looking for a specific item you can use our search bar or check out the categories on our homepage. We also encourage everyone to look through our Gun Rights eBook to help you answer questions and give a defense. HERE

As time allows we may start new social media pages but for right now we’re trying to focus on Facebook as it allows us to direct message if you should have any questions.

  • Facebook: @moawearemoa
    • Facebook is much more focused on us in general and a few memes, its basically a business page…. I’d say it is rated PG.
      • Note: this is our main page but we do have more FB pages however they are mainly used as business account backups.

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