This is al the CYA we could come up with… In short we are not responsible for the stuff you do here.

*Note this covers Buffalo Tactical LLC, Men of Arms (MOA) and any employee/ representative and will be referred to as MOA throughout the rest of the page.

By using this site you are verifying:

  1. I am 18 years old or older.
  2. I understand that MOA has no part in the transaction, MOA does not handle the funds, the shipment, the validity of the ad, the legality of the item, etc… they will not be a part of mitigation if there is a dispute, etc…
  3. I am adhering to local/state/federal laws when listing and interacting in the transaction. I am of legal age to purchase the item, all paperwork or legalities are my responsibilities.
  4. The items I am listing are legal to purchase in the United States.
  5. The items I am looking to purchase are legal in my local area that means I cannot buy 30 round mags if I live in Sacramento no matter how stupid and unconstitutional that law is.
  6. I understand that at times people are either ignorant of the law or just ignorant and MOA may have to remove the ad. I understand MOA fully endorses the constitution but knows they have to play by the rulers laws.
  7. If for some reason MOA lists hookers on the website I will ensure I am allowed to purchase in my area and I will verify their age before I hookup….
  8. I know MOA will not email me and ask for credit card info or personal info.
  9. Again I fully understand that MOA has NOTHING to do with the ads posted on this service and I am using it at my own risk.
  10. I can be kicked off if I sell illegal items
  11. I am responsible for my actions on this website and understand any sale is not part of MOA.
  12. I indemnify MOA and will not hold them responsible for issues that arise on their website.
  13. MOA by being on this site I again understand the rules.