Meet the Memer gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about the people you like to follow (or the people you should follow)

1. What region/ state are you from
The Wild West
2. What kind of work do you do
Construction Management
3. What got you into guns
Growing up shooting gophers with a ruger 10/22
4. Favorite gunslinger (instructor, Pro shooter, or whatever)
Wyatt Earp. The “Vendetta Ride” is legendary.
5. What gun do you carry everyday
Stock Gen 4 Glock 19
6. Next gun you want
An AR-9
7. Dream gun
Anyone who doesn’t say a mini-gun is fucking lying.
Might I suggest the XM556 Microgun
xm556 micron
8. Favorite book(s) that you’d recommend
I’m an anti-government nutjob:
Against the state – Lew Rockwell,
No Treason: Lysander Spooner,
9. Favorite Podcast or Documentary
Any other spots we can find you? (Teespring, FB acct, podcast, website, etc)
IG @whiskey.and.rebellion
FB: Whiskey and Rebellion
YouTube: Whiskey and Rebellion