Meet the Memer gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about the people you like to follow (or the people you should follow)

1. What region/ state are you from:


2. What kind of work do you do:

Air Force Veteran ( so make sure to #TYFYS) Now I work at a gun store. (he is Gun Shop Gary)

3. What got you into guns:

Grew up shooting with my family

4. Favorite gunslinger (instructor, Pro shooter, or whatever):

Courses of Action

5. What gun do you carry everyday:

Glock 19 (but don’t let him fool you because he also keeps that Sphinx on him)

6. Next gun you want
Valmet m76

valmet m76

7. Dream gun:
NFA stuff

8. Favorite book(s) that you’d recommend:
The Turner Diaries  ( I am convinced he said this just so I’d link to “the Turner Diaries” and end up on a watchlist… Side note: if you take it as a book and not a manifesto… its pretty interesting)

9. Favorite Podcast or Documentary
-Whiskey and Rebellion