Meet the Memer gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about the people you like to follow (or the people you should follow)

1. What region/ state are you from:


2. What kind of work do you do:

I was a firefighter in the Air Force for 10 years but when I got out couldn’t find a civilian firefighting job, I ended up working in finance at a car dealership that led me to where I work now….accounting at a large investment company… and I’m the co-owner of Men of Arms (we started as separate companies but then merged last year 2017) So Ive had my own business for about three years but have been Men of Arms for almost a year now.

3. What got you into guns:

I don’t remember a time where I didn’t like playing with guns.

4. Favorite gunslinger (instructor, Pro shooter, or whatever):

Jerry Miculek.

5. What gun do you carry everyday:

Glock 19 gen 4. (cmc trigger, I think truglo sights, magpul magwell, extended mag release and slide release) I have stainless pins and extended take-down just because. I need to put the backstrap with beaver tail back on but I have to modify slightly to fit.

Glock 19 gen 4

6. Next gun you want
I want to build an AR15 off of the Quentin Defense platform. Then maybe a CZ scorpion micro.

Quentin Defense AR15

7. Dream gun:
I love sub machine guns so an UZI, beretta m12, vz58 or something like that

uzi open boltBeretta M12 smgvz58 pistol mini

8. Favorite book(s) that you’d recommend:
Problem with Socialism by Thomas Dilorenzo A great book on the basics of Socialism, he goes through all the arguments that are being brought up by the left.
Fools Errand by Scott Horton a complete look at the war in Iraq/ Afghanistan, I cannot recommend the audible version more highly.
Oklahoma City This isn’t a crazy conspiracy book, its more about the events surrounding it and the likely hood of more people involved.
Rise of the Warrior Cop No matter your view it is an interesting look at how the war on drugs and wars in the middle east increased the militarization of police.
Economics in one lesson An easy and essential read.

9. Favorite Podcast or Documentary
-Tom Woods Show
-Part of the Problem -Dave Smith
-Your welcome Michael Malice
-Libertarian institute-Scott Horton

I sometimes listen to Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnes, and Joe Rogan as well but usually just highlights or certain episodes, I listen to every episode of the other four listed.