Or better yet some items to think about…

This post may be a little premature in that we don’t truly know everything yet and the disinformation is Inception level crazy. But we do know a few things that we can discuss. 

*We don’t have a good word for the gun/liberty community so in this I’m just going to refer to it as “Gunners” in this text.

  •  30 round magazine/ “high cap magazine bans are stupid. The AR15 platform was originally issued with 20 round mags and quickly changed to 30 rounds back in the 1960s. So 60 years it’s been 30 rounds, I’d say that is standard. The Air Force and Homeland defense consider it “standard” on their “personal defense weapons” (the AR15). Also, you could possibly just label your 30 round mags as 450 bushmaster mags (it will hold 10 rounds) Matt Larosiere from FPC wrote a great article at Cato that covers all this: https://www.cato.org/publications/legal-policy-bulletin/losing-count-empty-case-high-capacity-magazine-restrictions
  • Red flag laws are bullshit. It’s been proven numerous times precrime does not work. In Massachusetts, they found many of the cases were by spiteful x-partners. It’s a clear trampling of the constitution. Besides due process look at the first amendment “right of the people peaceably to assemble,” think about why they did that… the British banned them from assembling because of what they, might be, planning. 
  • A better form of communication and information would be ideal. Luckily he had a few thousand followers he could talk to and they could spread it. If you look at just his follower account jump then at least 120k heard him. A great guy named Schaeffer Cox from Alaska who was almost elected, and probably would’ve if he ran again created a thing in Alaska and I believe Montana called “the Liberty Bell.” This was probably close to 10 years ago otherwise, it could have been an app, but the idea was simple; you call the Liberty Bell hotline and they notify everyone else who has enrolled. The purpose was that citizens could respond when a member felt he was being let us say mistreated. Sadly Schaeffer’s downfall was exposing a pedo and drug ring that had government influence and he now is in a federal prison in Indiana. Affectionately referred to as “little Gitmo” or “Gitmo north.”
  • This exposes the sticky and confusing relationship that gunners have with law enforcement. The hard part really is that a lot of law enforcement say they are pro-gun so we want to accept them. (Since it’s Sunday as I write this: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.” -Isaiah 29:13.)

    Another issue is that law enforcement is big money for the gun community so you see many companies pandering to them. My opinion is that if law enforcement wants us to support them they should come out in support of us. Whiskey Warrior was right in his feed for saying that the defense “just enforcing laws not writing them” is in many ways worse. You’re not blind automatons. Or in that awesome speech from the Great Dictator with Charlie Chaplin, “you are not machine men with machine minds.”
  • No matter what led up to the eventual standoff we know that there wasn’t an actual gunshot, no guns or mags were found. I don’t know anything about his history nor do I believe law enforcement’s statement. What I do see is that the community was quick to jump on board and defend a fellow gun owner. Lots of guys dropped what they were doing to head over there and a lot more raised about $7k in a few hours. (Maybe future gofundme’s we could say if the incident turns out to be not what we thought then money goes to Gun Policy or Gun Owners of America.)

    The hard part for many of us is that we don’t know like-minded individuals near us, so the online community is important because it shows that we aren’t alone. There are others who love guns and love liberty, we are not an anomaly. If we have to err it’s best to err on the side of liberty.

    I was stationed at Keesler (Biloxi, MS) during Hurricane Ivan. Reports were that it was going to be awful, I had to stay because I was a firefighter but I had my wife leave so she was safe. Ultimately it wasn’t that bad, just 60mph winds. The following year was Hurricane Katrina. Everyone said Ivan was going to be awful and it ended up being a dud so people treated Katrina the same way. They didn’t evacuate and they didn’t prepare. Lesson being don’t let this event be Ivan and dissuade you from acting on the next hurricane.